Your most effective campaign.

Every time.

Motiva AI is Artificial Intelligence for Marketing.

It learns to adapt your messaging to customers automatically and delivers better conversion, at any scale.


Define an audience and any number of variations of messaging, and Motiva AI executes your best campaign for you.


Motiva AI learns by listening deeply to your customers and understanding what moves them.


Motiva AI organically adapts campaign strategy based on customer behavior for the best possible results.

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Introducing Motiva AI

Your customers are tired of generic messaging. Motiva AI uses cutting-edge machine learning to automatically adapt marketing campaigns and engage your customers. Your best possible campaign - every time.

Hands-Free Optimization

Try out any number of message variations inside a campaign and let Motiva AI take care of figuring out which user should get which message.

Campaigns That Learn and Adapt

Say goodbye to vanilla, broadcast messaging. With Motiva AI, you launch campaigns that listen, learn, and adapt.

Segment Discovery

Motiva AI finds groups of potential customers and customer groups you didn't know existed.

Personalized Experiences

Motiva AI is a key component of your larger personalization strategy, complimenting your team and marketing technology stack.

Easy, Actionable Reporting

Beautiful, automated reporting and recommendations that help your team produce content that gets results.

Leverage Your Existing Investment

Motiva AI works WITH your existing marketing automation stack, helping you make the most of it.


We bring people together through conversation. What we believe.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we often get, along with some answers. If you have other questions, feel free to reach out!

What is Motiva AI?

Motiva AI is a brain for your marketing stack. It finds the message variations that most resonate with your target audience, and helps you refine segments and target customers.

What can I optimize?

Pretty much anything you can imagine and create: email subject lines, different message content, tone, layout, graphics, html versus text, etc. We're adding support for channels, landing pages, and other cool stuff. Motiva AI also lets you test multiple variables at once.

Is there a minimum audience size you require?

We suggest a minimum of 10,000 contacts or more over the span of a campaign.

Do you do ad buying / bidding?


What marketing automation platforms do you support?

Oracle Eloqua, expanding to others soon.

Why should I care about this stuff?

Customer expect more than generic campaigns. Your messaging and communications are opportunities to listen better. If you do this well, you create more opportunities, deeper relationships, faster conversions. The old mass-market broadcast approach is out. Your customers will go where they feel heard and valued. We can help.

What's the difference between Motiva AI and A/B tests?

Some testing is better than none, but Motiva AI goes way beyond A/B/N. Classic A/B/N tests send the same number of messages for each variation to learn what option is best. This means that as the number of message variations grows, you are sending more customers an inferior message during the testing period. In contrast, Motiva AI experiments with any number of variations over time, incrementally learning which work best, and adapting to maximize overall campaign performance. Instead of static batch 'n blast, you create a campaign that listens and adapts.

How does Motion Work?

Magical elven unicorns. Just kidding. You give Motiva AI an audience and set of message variations or treatments. It constructs the optimal experimental plan and sends out waves of those treatments to representative audience samples. As your audience responds, Motiva AI builds those incremental results into the next wave. It gradually shifts investment from the treatments that perform less well to the ones that perform best. You don't have to do anything here; it's all automatic. No guessing. Just awesome.

Is this for B2B or B2C?

Either. Both. It's for human beings.

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